当サイトについて About this website

当サイトは公益社団法人 日本パッケージデザイン協会(JPDA)の会員作品を紹介しています。
This website is operated by the Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) and contains the works and information of JPDA members.

当協会への入会をご希望の方は How to join JPDA


If you are interested in joining JPDA, please visit the Admission page of the JPDA official site.

掲載作品についてのお問い合わせや仕事のご依頼等について For inquiries about work and requests for work

Please contact each company through the CONTACT form of each page.
JPDA is not involved in your inquiries or requests for companies resistered on this website.

作品および各種情報掲載について(JPDA会員専用) About registration to this websight (JPDA members only)

If you are a JPDA member and wish to register on this websight, please contact the JPDA secretariat from the CONTACT form.

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